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  •  You bring up alot of good issues. (none)
    I will deal with them individually

    we obviously need some 20+ crossovers in the house and 6+ crossovers in the senate from the GOP. Therefore, it is important to cast this effort as a "non-partisan" matter, all the way.

    Don't fall in the trap of thinking that the Republicans are our enemies here. There are plenty of Democratic enemies on this bill - especially in the Senate where one single Democrat has put himself in the position of single-handedly stifling this issue - Chris Dodd of Connecticut. He is Jim dickson's spokesman and he will do everything he can to stop voter verified paper ballots. period.

    The thing to tell a relucantant representative or senator (GOP or Dem) is this, IMO: don't you also want your election victory to be absolutely legitimate and authentic, and be considered so by everyone? If so, you have no choice but to make sure that the election process has a high level of integrity and that it is 100% auditable.

    One of the biggest problems I have encountered in lobbying for election reform legislation is that
    a) whatever is wrong with the system it worked for whoever's in congress - they got elected
    b) questioning the legitimacy of elections indirectly questions their legitimacy and no one wants their legitimacy questioned
    c) it is a rare elected official that makes any decision for any other than purely political reasons - and those few who do are in safe seats.

    Your arguments are absolutely irrefutable and they need to made over and over and over - maybe eventually they'll hear us - and make sure every candidate running next year has to take a position on this issue - if they didn't co-sponsor 550 then they apparently don't care about accurate elections - make them uncomfortable - make it a sound political move to be in favor of voter verified paper records and audits - if they never hear from you why would they even think of it?

    Jennifer and Warren (I assume that the two of you are working together on these efforts): this is a subtle, but critically important point.

    Jennifer participated in Lobby Days in support of HR 550 that I helped organize. We had meetings in 0ver 90 House offices with over 250 citizens from 50 states.

    My remark above is a partial repetition of my comment in an earlier diary of yours.


    You may want to reword the diary here to give good "talking points" to those whose Rep. is a republican and/or opposes HR. 550.

    Its so hard to keep one of these diaries alive - lets just build some talking points into a post (next post)

    Also, as discussed earlier, it would be good to give this a "Day of Legislative Action" type push next week, during working hours of the offices (as we found out, the congress is in recess all of next week, but I suspect that the CD offices are open on Tuesday, though I am not too sure), when we generate many emails, calls, and faxes via either getting on the REC list and/or having an FPer front page it.

    This is a GREAT idea. Can someone make it happen?

    We can try and flex some dKos muscle that way, and see hat happens :)

    I am also interested in seeing that HR. 550 is adopted by some senator(s) quickly, and simultaneously have it pushed in the Senate.

    I have been working on getting a Senate companion to 550 since February. It has been a very frustrating process. I have worked with several offices and come very close only to be disappointed for one lame reason or another. That being said, I feel close now too and a substantial response to this email/petition effort would be helpful. No promises here since I'm not making the decisions of course. Stay tuned.

    I will write some detailed ideas over the next day or two, and post here. Please check back.

    Thank you very much!

    Thanks for the comment, "Freedom", and thanks for the good work, Jennifer and Warren.

    You are most welcome.

    "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom", Thomas Jefferson "Stay Free!", Jimi Hendrix

    by Warren Stewart on Sun Oct 09, 2005 at 12:28:05 AM PDT

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