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View Diary: Did Ari Fleischer Testify Against Bush in Plame Case?? (185 comments)

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  •  ..under this scenario... (none) does Miller fit in?
    •  She doesn't (none)
      Never has. She went to jail when no one else did, she had a different source. And now she's meeting with Fitzgerald again. I think she's part of the bigger story -- leaking Plame was only partly about retribution.

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      by Todd Johnston on Sat Oct 08, 2005 at 05:07:14 PM PDT

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      •  ..interesting... (none)
        ...Some have surmised she was tipped off by Bolton first and this was part of their attempt to 'launder' the info about Plame's push for Joe to go Niger and also out Plame as well.  She then told Cooper and others allowing Rove, Libby to say they had heard it from reporters when they further passed it.  But, you're saying they didn't even try to launder it, Condi and Ari just let it fly on AF1??
      •  hmm... kind of clashes with emptywheel's work (none)
        on this topic.  Not sure I'm convinced.  Fitz has spent a hell of a lot of energy going after Miller but none after Rice.  

        I think to push this you need more info on Rice's role.  I'm all ears.

        •  The way to get Rice ... (none)
          ... so I hear, is by showing that WHIG as a group was engaged in a conspiracy to discredit Wilson, and that at least two individuals (Rove and Libby) acted on it (by telling Cooper and Miller)
      •  I believe this, too (none)
        There's the INR on AF1 -- but there's another analysis or memo hatched in the VPs office with the WHIG that names Plame by name. This separate information is requested by the WHIG back in March or April of 2003 and is done by the OSP. Fleith>Bolton>Miller>Libby?

        The INR never mentions the name Plame -- only Wilson's wife. It's a different work up of Wilson.

        There is someone/some people in the administration who are aware of both work ups and morph them together when they leak to reporters. Hence, the info that Novak has about Plame's name that doesn't appear in the INR.

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