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View Diary: Did Ari Fleischer Testify Against Bush in Plame Case?? (185 comments)

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  •  Here is a bit of what I had in my diary of Oct 7 (none)
    There are three main figures that most likely will be
    indicted and one and possibly at least two others named
    as unindicted individuals.

    The three that are most likely to be indicted are

    Ari F

    Of course I am also inclined to think that there
    may well be more than just three.

    However I find it highly unlikely that Cheney  
    will be actually indicted. First place to indict
    Cheney they would be treading into areas that has
    not been tried before.

    Some have said that the fact that Agnew was
    indicted while serving as VP under Nixon and I
    know that he was, that however was different in
    the fact that Agnew was indicted for a crime he
    committed before assuming the VP office. That is
    possible to do yes, but to indict Cheney for an
    act while in the office comes under much different

    There will most likely be multiple indictments for all
    three. possibly as many as 5 or more for each. It
    is most likely that Cheney will be named as
    an undicted figure and even a possibility that
    Bush will also be named as an undicted individual.

    Now I got several comments I think to that diary
    saying that they thought Ari was just a witness.

    However from all I have studied I believe that he
    will be indicted. I do not have a particular source
    to link to, but rather it is a caculation from my
    studying a great number of reports etc.

    Don't blame me, I am still trying to figure out what is on the Blue dress :) eaglecries

    by eaglecries on Sat Oct 08, 2005 at 05:18:01 PM PDT

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