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  •  Fine, but to what purpose? (none)
    From my involvement as a parent in the schools, it seems the biggest detriment to summer vacation is the length of time away from school.  If the school year is extended, fine, but let's have longer periods off, such as the end of the year, making it a month.  There are many options here but I'm not clear on the objective.  If it's for more seat time, that is silly.  I need to see a strategy to improve the educational experience that will require a different strategy for time-off.  High school has long been a place to park the kids and no one cares if the students want to go.  We have locker searches, dog searches, car searches, hurried lunches, unpleasant PE classes - in short, all of the things that can be done to make school unpleasant we do with alacrity.

    God forbid we should enjoy our work or school, but that's what I'm suggesting.

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