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  •  Because Bush wants to destroy the (4.00)
    public school system.  Bill Bennett said so himself, when he was Secrtary of Education.  

    NCLB was designed to do just this, and throw tax money to his crony tutor, textbook and testing companies.  

    This is another area where Bush has done serious, long-term damage.

    •  Got your back on that (4.00)
      My tweenager is a gifted student -- yet she loses 15+ days a year to testing required under NCLB.

      The entire school system knows the kids in my daughter's gifted track are functioning well above average, but are required to chew up these kids' scant learning days with these damnable tests.  We're talking about the future leaders of our country being dumbed down to comply with law, to line the pockets of cronies who've tagged along on this ride.

      In the mean time, there is a population of kids who perform below standard and are desparately in need of more resources to help them achieve par.  They need more and better teachers, more and better materials, and perhaps testing that is more seamless and less invasive so that these students get more out of their days in school.  Why are we starving these kids' education in order to make compliance?

      I thought education was about learning, but I was very wrong.  It's about annoying wealthy parents to a point where they leave the system, and perpetuating ignorance among the children of those who cannot afford other options.

      (And don't even get me started on that abortion of legislation spawned by Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health; now they want to drug my kids, my teachers and ME TOO.  Why did Congress approve funding for this, doing little more than writing a blank check to Big Pharma??  Gah...)

      •  Excellent commentary. (none)
        The vast majority of Americans do not want, in fact, cannot afford to have public education destroyed.  They don't want their children put on drugs by the government.  

        People are finally waking up to what W meant by "compassionate conservatism".  But we're in such a deep hole, I really despair for the future of our kids, and theirs.  

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