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  •  true home-schooling isn't for everyone (none)
    Military kids move every year.  Military kids have major discipline problems in the classrooms.  Maybe half the dads or moms are gone on top of moving every year.

    We are lucky because we have the time.  

    We are lucky because we found an excellent curriculum

    We are lucky because we have a strong community sports program.

    We are lucky because we have a strong community after school program for socialization.

    We did a dry run last summer with Saxon math and YesPhonics for reading spelling

    True, you have to be very vigilant against nerd/geek.  Also, some "home schoolers" figure they can sit their kid in front of a computer and end up with an education.  There is quite a bit of junk out there.

    It's possible to be a great teacher to 30+ motivated kids.  I could probably do that with support.  However, even then, I think I would be hauled away on a stretcher every night and resuscitated every morning.  It's not easy this education.

    •  Military kids are not necessarily a problem (none)
      I spent many many years overseas in Department of Defense Dependent Schools teaching military kids.  They are no better or worse than any other kids, in fact, compared to kids in Christian schools, sad to say, they were better.  If a student chooses to be recalcitrant, the parent's commander will step in.

      Too many adninistrators in too many schools appease parents, and treat parents with disdain.  I am always amused and insulted by the change that comes over educators when they realize they are talking to a fellow educator, and not a "common" parent.  The worst discipline I have seen, surprisingly, is in Christian schools.

      •  Military kids not a problem (none)
        They have different challenges (problems) than most kids.  Those challenges aren't being met in a 30+ classrooms.

        DoD schools were dropped stateside.  Now all the kids are slapped around from state to state.  They get what each state is willing to pass out.  If that wasn't enough, in Anne Arundel county in Maryland, for instance, the high school for the military kids is also a magnet school for the homeless kids.  They come by taxi each morning.  30+ of a mix of these special needs and where is the time to teach?

        Military kids move WAY more often.  The receiving schools in various states don't address this.  Their parent is apt to be in a WAR zone.  Some kids will "act out" under the stress.

        There is no consistency in their curriculum as they move from state to state.  All the states have different rules.  

        We are lucky, we can home school.  A 30+ classroom doesn't meet our needs.

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