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  •  I don't want to be a contrarian... (4.00)
    but I always felt like most field trips and assemblies were in fact educational. In addition to that, I feel like students need to have some time out of the classroom in order to give them a sense of a break, which helps them pay better attention when they are there.

    I believe the way to fix this problem is to allow for educational field trips and assemblies while extending the school year. I would recommend a month long vacation around the Winter Holidays, and then another month long vacation in July. This would extend the school year, but give students and teachers some time off so that they can maintain their sanity and come fresh to the classroom.

    I also can't recommend enough that teachers use more multimedia in the classroom to encourage learning. For example, if Jeff Corwin's programs had been used in my science classes in 6th grade, I might have gotten MUCH better grades in science because I could see science in action, see how useful it is.

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