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  •  Seriously (none)
    As an adult which lesson is more useful and practical and likely to carry on into your adult life.  Which is more important-a.knowing all the state captials by memory or b. knowing how to protect yourself against credit card companies and knowing how to handle your personal finances?  

    Boycott Citibank/Citicards. They are corporate thieves and terrorists.

    by tri on Sun Oct 09, 2005 at 10:37:54 AM PDT

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    •  Both! (4.00)
      you'll see I just disagreed w/ you about the state capitols, but you're raising an excellent point about the importance of a basic financial education.  That is one thing I was pleased with in my foster kid's HS education-- he got to take a course in which he learned things like how to balance your checkbook, how to do a simple tax form, and how to handle (or how not to handle) credit.  And he truly got the credit card message, both from the school and from us (as he's seen us slowly and painfully crawl out from CC debt over the past few years).  I think that's tremendously valuable, especially for kids starting out poor, who won't ever have the opportunity to get bailed out of financial ruin by their families.
    •  seriously, you begin with the basics. (none)
      you begin with spelling, writing and arithmetic. then you add geography which includes the states and their capitals. there no reason, no excuse no to learn them. yeah, there can be creatively ways to teach it. but hell no you don't skip it. these kids need to learn about their country as it will be in their hands one day. we need to teach the damn basics first. and adding the other things later is fine. there are ways to teach about some of that in a math class for example. stop making this confusing and difficult. it isn't.

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