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  •  Longer school year (none)
    How would you have felt if this had been inflicted on you?  Don't you think you were well educated without it?

    I see a longer school year as bringing the following:

    1.  3 more months of writing out spelling words 5 times each
    2.  3 more months of copying words and their definitions out of the glossary
    3.  3 more months of learning 1+1=2, 3*4=12, etc. in 6th grade
    4.  3 more months of senioritis
    5.  3 more months of No Child Left Untested drilling, BS that I wasn't subject to when I was in school
    6.  3 more months of studying for class tests
    7.  3 more months of obsessing over grades
    8.  3 more months of being under the gun
    •  I'd have loved it (none)
      But then I was one of those weird kids who looked forward to going off to school.

      I got a very good education out of my school district--but only because I didn't really need them much. And because my mom fought like hell when they wanted to do something truly boneheaded.

      But I work at the university in the town where I grew up and went to school, and let me tell you, the overwhelming majority of students coming to college these days didn't get anything like the education I got in elementary and secondary school. I was writing 25-page papers before I graduated high school. Most college students today complain vociferously about having to turn in a 10-pager. I took one year of German and three years of French in high school. Most students hese days don't know any foreign languages. I had two years of chemistry and at least a year of biology: most students get half that, if that. I had four years of math: most places these days only require two, or sometimes three. I had three years of English, and could have taken a fourth, if I hadn't wanted more time to pursue other options, including some history and a semester of review German at the university, my senior year.  That's atypical as well.

      I could have graduated at the end of my junior year, were it not that I overlooked a half-credit of social studies that I needed to fulfill a distribution requirement. I did it by starting with first period and, after freshman year, skipping lunch and taking classes right through until seventh period. I never took a study hall and, apart from some of the required-for-graduation stuff, I never took a blow-off course, either. (I don't count two years of typing, or a year of shorthand as "blow-off," because they were practical skills that I put to good use. Twenty-five years of touch-typing, and I can take notes on my laptop faster than I can write them longhand--and while the soft clacking of keys is apparently disturbing to some students in some of my classes--I'm working on my third master's degree, and planning to shoot for the Ph.D. if I'm successful--but most of them just want to know if they can borrow my notes for times when they have to miss class.)

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