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    Our county will never go to a full year schedule because our economy is fueled by a summer tourist season and we need our HS kids in those low-paying seasonal jobs to augment the college kids who come in as seasonal workers.

    Our work-around has been to start our public school year on the day after Labor Day and run it until the third week in June.  (The college kids hit the resort to work in May, leave in early-to-mid August.  The local kids fill in as weekend stzff in the Spring and carry the full load as the summer season winds down.)

    Our 180 days is a full 180 days of instruction though.  We have one week holiday at Christmas, Friday an monday at Easter and one in-service day each term (4 total.)

    The best change we undertook though was the semester system for our high school.  The kids take four courses each semester instead of 7 courses for the school year.  The quality between my oldest daughter's experience under the old system ten years ago and my younger children who've been in this semester system is exponential.

    Don't see how that would work to solve the problems many here have stated for lower grades, but it is such an easy to intitute change for HS that I don't know why more systems don't give it a try.

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