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  •  read the new Atlantic magazine (4.00)
    In part 5 of a series of articles written about America by Bernard-Henri Levy, he starts this month's essay by saying this:

    The Democratic Party as a Black Hole

    The real surprise on the political left in America is that nothing is happening.  Not that I claim to have seen everything in such a limited time.  But I did meet former members of the Clint, Gore, and Kerry teams.  At the AFL-CIO headquarters I attended a "joint conference" of three organizations designed to extract lessons from the defeat and prepare for battles yet to come.  I saw union members and intellectuals, elected officials and strategists, the old and the young.  For three days I hunted down the New Democrat, that supposedly developing breed of which, I was told, I could find as many specimens as I liked in Washington.
    The results, I'm afraid, didn't measure up either to my hopes or - far more serious - to what anyone might reasonably expect given the quality, intensity, and strength of the idealogical argument mounted by the right.  

    (He goes on to say that the mainstream democrats he met in Washington were only concerned about money and fundraising ....)

    Then he adds:

    I wanted to hear about something else.  I looked for speeches about why this money should be raised.  I yearned for one voice, just one, to articulate the tthree or four major issues that, given the current debate and balance of power, might constitute the framework of a political agenda.  A defense of the Enlightenment against the creationist offensive.  A Tocquevillian revolution extolling certainly not atheism but secularism, and maintaining the separation of church and state.  A new New Deal for the poorest of the poor.  An uncompromising defense of human rights, and a rejecion of the "exceptional" status of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
    Money, and then money yet again.   Money, the index and criterion of all things.  The hypothesis, the axiom, according to which, in order to win the battle of ideas, you first have to win the battle of money.
    An observer -- someone who, like me, was struck by the vigor of the neo-conservative awakening and was expeting to see at least its equivalent on the other side -- senses a trap in the process of closing.  For a long time the Republican Party was the party of money.  For a long time the Democrats repeated, "We have ideas, but you have the money, and that's why you win."
    Today a turnaround -- or rather, a trick of history -- has occurred, and all of a sudden the two camps are struggling on opposite fronts:  a right wing of money but also of ideas, which in twenty years has renewed its idealogical supplies; and a left wing that, by diint of wanting to compete on the battlefield of money, is in the process of losing its footing on the ground of ideas, and thus of losing, period.

    •  while those of us who volunteer (none)
      need to continue to try to change things, AND we need more people volunteering

      our work should be to get rid of the parasites at the top first, cuz all they are doing with all that money is:

      keeping themselves employed, AND

      losing elections, losing policies, losing programs.

      I wish the Atlantic would get rid of Joshua Green - he's a DLC toady, just perpetrating their horseshit.


      Grassroots Organizing Should Be for The Community, By The Community - NOT for "Leaders"

      by rmdewey on Mon Oct 10, 2005 at 05:31:59 AM PDT

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