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View Diary: Krugman: Don't Just Do Something- Stand There. (29 comments)

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  •  after 30 days, it doesn't matter (4.00)
    Texas can't do a damn thing but allow them to register after 30 days in State

    the 14th Amendment says you are a citizen of the State you reside in, and 30 days is the recognized standard of residency

    •  Maybe that's the plan. (none)
      Maybe the GOP is engaging in a new form of gerrymandering. Take large strongholds of liberals, carve em up, then either dump them in a heavily consevative area where they're vot will be diluted, or a heavily liberal area that isn't gonna vote for the right anyway.

      Changing the district lines is so complicated compared to the simplicity of moving the people themselves.

      Has anyone on our side taken a look out how the evacuation situation affects the probable vote count in '06 and '08? I'm sure that Rove's office has...

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