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  •  Wood for heat (none)
    It's cheap, it'll keep your bills low, and it'll pollute the air in your neighborhood ten times worse than electric or gas. I know a LOT of people stockpiling wood to ease their heating bills this winter. Where are the Dems on the no-burn policies most larger communities have in place?
    •  I'm regretting not reclaiming our fireplace. (none)
      The house has a chimney, but the previous owners ripped out the bricks in the fireplace and put up drywall so they'd have a spot for their big-screen TV. With two kids I sort of shrugged and figured maybe that was just as well, but now I'm not so sure.

      We are sharing a bit of a cord with my husband's co-worker for the outside fireplace. At worst we can cook and hang in the garage.

    •  It's wood heat or freeze for me (none)
      I heat my home entirely with wood.  My other choice is electric heat.  Temperatures inside my home can easily fall below zero in the coldest months;  likewise, the difference between wood & electric heat per season can easily run to over $1000 in a typical year (not this year).  Sorry, no can do.
      Eventually I wish to go totally renewable. I  look forward to that opportunity.
      •  It's fire or freeze for alot of people (none)
        But all that woodburning is going to ruin the air and erase any modest gains made by other conservation means. I want to know where the Dems stand on these ordinances that prohibit wood burning in many cities, ordinances that were enacted to protect the air their residents breathe.
        •  Woodburning stove (none)
          The past two homes we owned, we installed woodburning stoves that were so efficient we could burn them on "red" days, as  they released so few particulates into the air.  Was def worth the investment for us in both homes....until we sold the houses, and the buyers didn't care.

          Go figure.

        •  I burn wood (none)
          - not perfect, but few things are.  Saving for a solar/wind hybrid system.  

          Meanwhile, we plant about 20 trees each spring to help offset what we take and to produce air cleaning leaves - generally 50 to 60% of them make it.  

      •  Woo here as well (none)
        but I have a propane cook stove that I can turn on for heat if needed - but we haul in small bottles so I try not to do that.  On those 20 below zero nights it comes in handy if you are out of the house for a few hours.

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