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  •  Out-of-Body Experience (none)
    My first time was, appropriately enough, about 3:00 AM on Halloween morning in 1980. ;-)

    Time and the universe were transformed for me in that moment, and have never changed back.

    NNAF: Funding equal access for the women of Katrina

    by moiv on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 07:16:23 PM PDT

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    •  OoBE (none)
      Fun stuff.
      Don't do it nearly enough.
      But then they illegalized THAT drug a LONG time back. :D
      Sorry, couldn't resist.
      Look to be honest, I resist the pull of paranormal even as I write about it in my books.
      It's not that I don't believe in it, it's that there's not enough scientific evidence to provide an understandable explanation for it.
      The closest I've ever seen any formulation of thought about this, is that we 'jump' the barrier between the Earths of the many worlds theory.
      Nothing saying that we don't see a future that has already occurred on a slightly older Earth in a slightly older universe. (IE that universe's big bang happened a few "years" sooner, as time is counted in such a thought experiment).

      How to get more votes? Tell NASCAR fans that the Republican energy agenda will kill the races forever.

      by RElland on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 08:06:22 PM PDT

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      •  here's the science for you (none)

        Do a web search for papers by "Hameroff and Penrose."  What you're looking for are papers on their "Orchestrated objective-reduction hypothesis" which is sometimes abbreviated as "ORCH/OR".

        Seems to be pretty solid stuff in terms of explaining how nonlocal information registers in the brain.  I don't see it as explaining OBEs directly, but it does seem to account for remote viewing and so on.  

        See also "quantum entanglement" and "nonlocality", search on those terms and read, that will give you more about the physics relevant to what Hameroff & Penrose are proposing.  

        At this point I'd say we have a decent theoretical mechanism for the most robust of the psi research findings.  

    •  Changed my world view, too. (none)
      I've had enough of them now, that I know they are not a hallucination.

      Last two War Presidents were from Texas. Gore/Clark 2008

      by mattes on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 08:18:29 PM PDT

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