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  •  Do you really think (none)
    that we all have Lincoln Navigators and X-boxes???  Yeesh, must be nice to live in your world.  A great many of us do not have, and do not lust for those things.  A great many of us are more concerned with our next meal and paying the rent.

    It's an illusion that most Americans are fat, happy, and ignorant.  

    Not all of us are spoiled, and I'm frankly quite offended that this is the world you see.  It just shows that it's not only Republicans who are out of touch with the poor majority.

    "We are waiting for the legitimacy and basic dignity of government to be restored." "It isn't the despair that kills you, it's the hope."

    by tamarlively on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 10:46:52 PM PDT

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