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View Diary: The waning influence of the NYT Times columnists (202 comments)

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  •  Your source?? (none)
    Oh, right, you don't have one.  

    Krugman is happy to have people helping to keep his paper profitable.  If he was interested in doing what he does for free, he's got ample opportunity.

    •  Ah, the sad sight of irony lacking ... (none)
      Actually, columnists such as Krugman, Rich, Brooks, Tierney (sigh), Down, Herbert help make the newspaper important, by discussing and evaluating issues they find merit examination.

      By placing these columnists behind a subscription only wall, the newspaper has made the decision that revenue is more important than taking part in national debate.
      This happens at the same time that the newspaper's general credibility is at stake, due to its involvement before the invasion in Iraq, and while the blogosphere is gaining importance as a forum for the discussion of idea.

      A bad decision all around - and instead of supporting the newspaper's revenues, this decision will actually undermine it.

      "I don't do quagmires, and my boss doesn't do nuance."

      by SteinL on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 10:59:19 PM PDT

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      •  oh, you must be right (none)
        They sell 1.68 million papers every Sunday, same as they have for 10 years.  And 1.1 to  1.18 million papers every weekday.  Again, same as they have for a decade.

        But you must be right, because everyone posting here thinks you're right.  Keep whispering it in the ear of the guy on your left, and eventually, it comes back around, and the guy on your right will confirm it for you -- TA-DA! it must be true.  The Times must be running for its life.

        Just don't come to the coffeeshop and read over my shoulder, freeloader.

        •  Hmmm - strange and apposite logic ... (none)
          1. The NYTimes made them freely available, now they want to charge. I don't want to pay, nor do a lot of others. I happen to know the true number of sign-up, and it's not good.

          2. I find that I now have more time to study other voices of opinion. That's good.

          As to freeloading. No such thing. I'm not spending that much time on the NYTimes any more. Haven't since the paper shilled for war.

          "I don't do quagmires, and my boss doesn't do nuance."

          by SteinL on Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 11:38:59 PM PDT

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