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  •  agree. (none)
    and, of course, the other problem to which Shipley refers (and is correct about, if the polls are to be believed) is that a majority of Americans STILL BELIEVE that Hussein was involved in 911
    •  Are you sure he wasn't? (none)
      The 9/11 commission report was unable to determine where Osama got his funding other than it was not, as had been previously thought, his personal funds.

      There seems to have been a hell of a lot of oil-for-food money floating around.  Saddam certainly didn't think highly of the US. I don't find it impossible that he sent a few hundred thousand in that direction.  He certainly could afford to.

      Now the only connection that has been actually made is a very low level connection, so this is, admittedly, speculative. I don't think, however, it is absurd or inconceivable.

      •  Weak, very weak (none)
        It's not inconceivable, but it is absurd.

        Care to make a list of individuals that it is 'not inconceivable' that they may have given money to Bin Ladin?

        Using the fact that it is "not inconceivable" that Saddam gave money to OBL as a justification for a war is absurd.

        •  Osama - Saddam (none)
          With the amount of money passed around, I actually think it quite likely that Oil-for-food money may have gotten to Osama.  I was responding to the common statement that there was definitively no connection.

          Now, as justification for war, I didn't say that. Even a proven funding connection would not, in my opinion, have been justification for war.

          The connection to the Taliban was that they were providing a safe base of operations -- far more than simple funding.

          •  This has been investigated extensively. (none)
            And, investigated by people (i.e. Bush&Co) who have an ENORMOUS stake in proving it true.

            They have found no such proof.

            It is not true, and you are in error to call it "likely".

            So, yes, I can say that Hussein DID NOT give money to either the Taliban or bin Laden.

            Another factor, other than the absence of proof, is the fact that Hussein hated, HATED, the Taliban and bin Laden.  He would never give them money.

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