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    Chemical weapons degrade. They degrade at a pretty predictable rate. Even if Saddam still had some, they would have been close to useless.

    If he was making new ones, it would have been pretty easy to figure that out -- and we DID bomb some things for that reason, IIRC, when Clinton was pres.

    Not to mention that chemical weapons are unpredictable, you need a lot of them to do any real damage, and that means you have to use heavy artillery or planes to deliver them -- and Saddam had no way to get them HERE.

    Biological weapons are even harder and more unpredictable.

    Nuclear is the only thing that's even possible to cause any real major damage with, and they DID know that he didn't have those.

    So, yes, I'd say they knowingly lied. They may have lied to Bush as well, but IMHO that just means he should be impeached because he's proven he's too stupid to be pres.

    A president should have enough background and intelligence to not accept blindly what ANYBODY tells him, especially on the really important things. He should have the brains to do some fact checking him/herself.

    Bush wouldn't know where to start, and he really doesn't care.

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