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View Diary: WSJ: Fitzgerald going after WHIG on conspiracy charges (374 comments)

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  •  the source, like always, (none)
    is the news. the Wall Street Journal writer has a source. And the source planted the story for a reason. There is no real news in the story itself. Just speculation.

    Here is my take, emptywheel, what do you think?

    This story did not come from Fitz. Fitz does not speculate on what Fitz is doing. Who did it come from and why? Rove is under the gun, and this plant in the WSJ is Luskin's MO. Certainly whoever is the source is not in the Iraq group, but is under pressure and is trying to shift the attention to the Iraq group.

    Therefore, this would appear to be Rove's lawyer, trying to deflect the blame from Rove, to the Iraq group.

    As such, this is big news. Rove may be trying to save his skin. If he is, that means that his lawyer is taking this whole very seriously now. Seriously enough that Rove is getting ready to roll over on Cheney. Both Rove and Cheney seem to be out of public view, though with Cheney that is often the case.

    I would say that Rove can take down anyone and everyone in the Bush administration if he so chooses. Furthermore, for Fitz to give Rove a pass from hard time, Rove is gonna have to give up an awfully big fish, either Cheney or Bush.

    This story has to be considered in combination with Rove's offer to re-testify. IMHO, Luskin plants this story to make it seem that Fitz is the one responsible for a new direction of the investigation. Well, that is partly true...but what is really happening, imho, is that Rove told Fitz, "look, you got me, but I can give you a bigger fish....if you let me is Cheney and the Iraq Group, I got the goods on them."

    So the real story here is Rove v Cheney.

    popcorn, please. and some for Fitz, also.

    Be a Carville, not a Colmes

    by seesdifferent on Wed Oct 12, 2005 at 06:21:03 AM PDT

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