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View Diary: CHILDREN Sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON (135 comments)

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    We have the highest percentage of our population in prison of any "advanced" country and as I recollect are exceeded only by South Africa. We kill more people than anywhere else and have some of the most draconian sentences in US history for relatively minor crimes. All because of some hyped up fears about our high crime rate.

    To the rocket scientists out there who invent these rules - the more shit you make illegal, the more crime you will have. The longer you make prison sentences the more people who will be in jail. The harder you make it for ex-cons to work and get jobs, the more likely they will be to commit more crimes. The more you alienate them from society by preventing them from voting the more likely they are to commit more crimes. Ad nauseam.

    This is not just about making society safe anymore. It is class warfare against the working and middle classes.

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