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  •  institutionalized racism (4.00)
    U.S. incarceration rates by race, June 30, 2004:

    Whites: 393 per 100,000
    Latinos: 957 per 100,000
    Blacks: 2,531 per 100,000

    Gender is an important "filter" on the who goes to prison or jail, June 30, 2004:

    Females: 123 per 100,000
    Males: 1,348 per 100,000

    Look at just the males by race, and the incarceration rates become even more frightening, June 30, 2004:

    White males: 717 per 100,000
    Latino males: 1,717 per 100,000
    Black males: 4,919 per 100,000

    If you look at males aged 25-29 and by race, you can see what is going on even clearer, June 30, 2004:

    For White males ages 25-29: 1,666 per 100,000.
    For Latino males ages 25-29: 3,606 per 100,000.
    For Black males ages 25-29: 12,603 per 100,000. (That's 12.6% of Black men in their late 20s.)

    Or you can make some international comparisons:

    South Africa under Apartheid was internationally condemned as a racist society.

    South Africa under apartheid (1993), Black males: 851 per 100,000
    U.S. under George Bush (2004), Black males: 4,919 per 100,000

    What does it mean that the leader of the "free world" locks up its Black males at a rate 5.8 times higher than the most openly racist country in the world?


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