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View Diary: CHILDREN Sentenced to LIFE IN PRISON (135 comments)

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  •  No, we weren't "lost causes"... (none)
    ...but then again, a lot of us probably weren't Black, either. :(

    I'll never forget the video they had of the little girl in Florida, the one they called the police and had five of them pin her down and put handcuffs on her for throwing a temper tantrum at school.  I felt like I was watching a rape in progress, I almost threw up.

    The world is full of a lot of things I wish I didn't know about.  I don't think it's these kids' faults, though.  We whine about how their parents can't take care of them, well, of course they can't!  They're working two jobs just to stay alive.  We could eliminate a huge amount of crime just by raising the minimum wage to $10/hour, bringing back "family wages" for people raising families, or even by paying mothers to stay home and take care of the next generation.  We're ONLY screwing ourselves by taking such bad care of the future of society.

    •  The Big Fight (none)
      Going on down here in my part of Florida now is whether the cops who patrol the schools should use Tasers.  Tasers?  What the fuck do children do at school that would warrant tasering them?

      It is clear to me that everyone connected with children that are discipline problems are either hogtied by the system or just can't be bothered to do their jobs and help children who are having problems.  It did not used to be this way until someone decided to ratchet up the penalties for bad behavior.  A typical action-reaction cycle.

      Embrace diversity. Not everyone is intelligent.

      by FLDemJax on Wed Oct 12, 2005 at 04:06:19 PM PDT

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