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    My brother went to UVA back in the early 1980s.  The culture at UVA, the classism has always been there.    My brother was saddened to read of the racial events at UVA (he's in Chicago now) and told me that nothing like that went on when he was there. The Washington Post characterized the incidents as vandalism and graffiti, leading me to wonder if it wasn't townies looking to cause trouble.  But what you describe is far more incidious and distructive.

    But I must say that the snobbery the school is famous for was a big turnoff when I was deciding what school to go do.  So instead I settled on VA Tech -- the atmosphere there is quite different -- because it is a much larger school, more egalitarian and more "nerdy".  

    But at the same time when I was an undergrad there it wasn't all sunshine and light for my African American friends.  Culture shock was a big problem as was the fact that for many there wasn't enough of a core African American community in Blacksburg to make one feel at home.  My freshman year at VA Tech (1985) you had to drive to Roanoke (1 hour away) if you wanted to get hair products suited to black hair.  Also there weren't any radio stations playing "urban" formats.

    Things have gotten better in Blacksburg -- it's a larger town and you don't have to drive to Roanoke to get relaxer, but still we should be worried that at UVA, VA Tech and other prominent state schools there is not enough diversity to foster a healthy community to support future generations of Virginian college students.

    Sure students can get together and take a stand against such ugliness but the ugliness is there in the first place because the School administrations and the state government of VA do nothing to prevent it and do precious little to encourage a more diverse student body.  It sickens me that Jerry Kilgore and other conservatives want to kill what little diversity efforts they are.

    Don't let the hateful snobs get you down. Fight back by being the best student you can be.  Getting that dorm room on the lawn would be the best revenge eh?

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