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View Diary: Reporters hound Scott McClellan with same question 23 times, still no answer (216 comments)

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  •  Too funny (4.00)
    These idiots say America is a Christian nation.  Well, if the guys who developed our govt wanted it to be Christian, why didn't they just say so?  They wrote the Constitution, they could easily have just plopped down the Ten Commandments rather than that pesky Bill of Rights.  Is it possible that our founding fathers wanted a government free from religious entanglements?  Nah, I guess you're right.  The FF hate America-- at least the Christian Conservative version of it.
    •  A bunch of them weren't even Christian. (4.00)
      Thomas Jefferson, for example, was a Deist, who did not believe in the divinity of Christ.

      There are a bunch of other examples, but I'd need to look them up.

    •  Yes! Commandments instead of Amendments! (none)
      I believe you have hit on something here. This whole "Bill of Rights" thing has been one big misunderstanding. It is obvious that the founders really meant to allow commandments to be added to the Constitution! Not some silly "amendments."

      The Bill of Wrongs, so to speak. Thou shalt not... whatever. Call Roy Moore! Tell him he has won.

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