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View Diary: Reporters hound Scott McClellan with same question 23 times, still no answer (216 comments)

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  •  The press corps still sucks (none)
    The prevailing ethos has not changed.

    The WH press corps still loves a winner and scorns a loser. Until recently, BushCo were perceived as winners: Bush was "personable"; Rove was a "genius"; Rumsfeld was "sexy"; and so on, ad nauseum.

    Contrast that with their coverage of a Democratic party who, admittedly, has trouble getting out its own way. Because the Dems have been widely  perceived as "losers", it allows reporters like the Washington Post's Dana Millbank to write a snarky, dismissive front page article about Conyers' hearings on the Downing Street Memo; or to magnify every Kerry gaffe and mis-step in the run-up to the last election.

    But now that the wheels are starting to come off the BushCo bandwagon, is it really a surprise that our intrepid press corps have magically developed a spine? Having apparently consigned BushCo to the "losers" camp, they no longer feel constrained by the strict decorum necessitated when covering a "winner."

    Don't get me wrong; I'm enjoying this shift in consciousness as much as everyone else on this site. Yet none of us should lose sight of the fact that the White House press corps has yet to reclaim the role it happily abdicated five years ago - that of speaking truth to power.

    The tough questions should have been asked back when BushCo was riding high and slamming their radical agenda down our collective throats. Conversely, their approach now strikes me as too little, too late; the actions of a group of long suffering children who, after watching the neighborhood bully finally get his come-uppance, are suddenly emboldened to pile on, pummel, and kick their erstwhile tormentor.  

    •  couldn't agree more (none)
      The press didn't grow a new pair of anything! They just jumped on a different  bandwagon. A fortunate turn of events for us, but zero credit due to the MSM. The tough questions have already been asked by Ronnie Earle, Patrick Fitzgerald, Cindy Sheehan, John Conyers, etc. Only now is it "safe" for them to venture into the water. Where were they for MONTHS following the release of the Downing Street memos? Why is there never any mention of the role of current members of the administration in the formation and agenda of the PNAC? They've still got a heck of a lot more to accomplish to gain any respect in my eyes!
    •  Couldn't agree more me too! (none)
      I have becoame so supicious of anything the "press corps" says and does any sign of progress (i.e.inquistiveness) is just a greater reflection of all their missed opportuinities.
      The more important issue here is what the "press corps" did with this shunning of their questions.
      Did they go back and write that the Administration refused to answer their questions? Did they try and uncover the real answer to these questiuons? Did they demand that McClellan and or Bush ANSWER those questions.
      Long long ago, back in the Clinton days, the press would hound every conceivable participant in these sort of things, whole camps of journalists would camp on doorsteps to get answers. Their editorial boards would rail against every Clintion Administration fuckup. Eveyr little detail would be gone over endlessly.
      With the Bush administration things changed completely. The "press corps" took EVERYthing the Bushco said at face value--too many to count. Investigative journalism was completely wiped out except for issues like Natalee Holloway and the runaway bride.
      The BUsh Administration and Republicans really--I mean REALLY think their shit doesn't stink and the :press corps only helped them put across their fabrications. Theyre STILl doing it and will untill some new publication comes out that leads them in another direction. The herd instinct is never more prevalent in the press corps than now. They are gutless with no followthrough at all.
      These are the people we expect to bring us the "truth?" ROTFLMAO


      by exlrrp on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 07:18:55 AM PDT

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