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  •  Good news but not great news (none)
    Who are these 39% that approve? Seriously, wtf? What does bush have to do to piss these people off. Will a intern giving him a bj do it for them? Is that more important? I don't get it.

    Excuse me while my head asplodes!

    •  Mortgage Interest (4.00)

      The future ain't what it used to be. Yogi Berra

      by x on Wed Oct 12, 2005 at 11:50:00 PM PDT

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    •  Yeah I wonder that too (none)
      That 39 pct cannot be all right wing religious folks. So I am going to venture a guess that the Sheep are a higher percentage than I ever imagine or this p0ll is heavily skewed Republican affluent, corporate, or religious right heavy.  I doubt the hard right as a whike  is a number as high as 39 pct!

      Tom Coburn: There is No crying in Baseball or SCOTUS Hearings. Your brain has been recalled.

      by wishingwell on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 02:36:07 AM PDT

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    •  4 out of 5 Republicans (none)
      Say close to half the country still admits to being Republican. Close to 80% of those people still say they approve of Bush. They may not be able to identify a single specific that they approve, but party loyalty still tells them they need to support the party's anointed king.
      •  As a former, repentant (none)
        Republican, I can tell you that for many, many people on the right, at least most I personally knew, the connection is as much deeply personal (read:emotional) as it is rational.

        I always felt a tad funny in the GOP, since my allegiance is rationalist - either to right or left - and I just have to admit to being a tad naive - it took control of Congress and the WH to really demonstrate their Spring of '01, I knew we were screwed.  I had such high hopes for Whitman in the EPA...there, does that example show you how naive?  

        Anyway, when conversing with most fellow GOPers, I always had the sense of the funny looks they gave me, as if they didn't really get what I was saying, or why it would even be relevant to being a 'conservative'.  My point is: a lot of them don't really even get why it is they are 'conservative' - it's not a rational process.  That's why the left has such a hard time understanding them.

        It also goes a long way towards explaining why I feel so at home after the switch, and why the left suffers from endless internal bickering.  The relative who knew me better than I knew myself were right: when forced to pick sides, you (I) will be a democrat.  

        •  i switched during the clinton impeachment. (none)
          i could plainly see they were no longer the grand ole party(may it rest in peace). i just got off the phone with a far right religeous friend who has medical problems. i don't talk about religeon to her, but today she was quite upset with state of things and started with take care of americans first. well, i think there you will see bush and the repubs downfall. when americans finally figure out they are last on the list, the pitchforks come out.
          • too. (none)
   conversion started then...I really couldn't stomach that and wrote letters to my congress critter and senators - not that it mattered - Goode is from Southwest/southside VA (Robertson, Falwell and Dobson's heartland), and George "punch my wife" Allen and John Warner weren't about to take a stand against the impeachment.  No, Clinton really shouldn't have taken advantage of her - not that I don't understand the temptation at all - Monica is/was an attractive gal - but people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and, last I checked, aside from the public humiliation, Monica wasn't exactly an unwilling partner (yes, I know that's a tough call anytime there is a disparate power relationship - there are such things as mitigating factors).

            I just figured it was an aberration - not the script for the next 8 years.  I honestly figured it was the last, extreme hurrah for the religious right.  As you said: Rest in Peace.  The party is now nothing more than big business lobby and real estate developers.  I guess, aside from his drug laws, I really am a Rockefeller Republican - the old northeaster liberal variety - and we always were just a minority.  

            I know the DLC is much hated in these parts, for sometimes good reasons.  I just have to say: they moved the party in a fiscal direction I could support.  Al Gore's 'efficient' smaller government - government that works for you - and Welfare reform, went a long , long way to making me comfortable with the Dems.  There was a real attempt to reform the quasi-corrupt largess of the dem. pork machine.  And I say this as someone who's worked in public service sector (public school teacher and community service board).  

    •  Heating bills this winter (none)

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