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  •  Steven Pearlstine is an evil scumbag (4.00)
    And he's typical of the Wall St. / neocon mindset, which is willing to turn this entire country into a banana republic in order to enrich themselves.  Despite his studied air of "objective analyst," Pearlstine his kind are no better than Mafioso -- who at least are willing to get their own hands bloody to steal.
    •  Yes, but he's spokesperson for a generation (4.00)
      The problem isn't Pearlstine; the problem is that Pearlstine is just one of MILLIONS of Americans who don't seem to have a problem with neo-feudalism. Even those who will likely (have already) find themselves amongst the peasantry.

      And I don't know what's more shocking: that Pearlstine and his ilk are so smug and arrogant that they freely admit this, or that so many of us are detached or insecure enough not to recognize this obvious fact.

      Free lunches come about when folks steal them from the folks that made them and paid for them. I don't remember the part of the Bible where Jesus miraculously produced billions of dollars of largesse in the form of free lunches for the Wall St. silver spoon set. Can you remind me what book that's in?

      "...there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Hamlet, Act II, Scene ii.

      by thingamabob on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 06:43:15 AM PDT

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