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  •  Have you read a product label lately? (none)
    Hardly anything is made here anymore. The "spending strike" is a great way to fight "supply side" economics is to demonstrate what happens when the "demand side" is fed up. Besides, the right wing are always harping about working people spending too much...let's see how they like it when we take their advice.
    •  You mean (none)
      like we're going to do this winter?

      NOBODY is going to be spending much of anything.
      Everybody will be out for the Black Friday sales (when you really can get some good deals), and after that... nothing. Nada. Zilch. Empty malls. Panicked retailers. Lower sales at WalMart.

      And then... well, then you'll see some things start to change. Not because WE want it to, but because the corporations are going to scream bloody murder.

      •  Nothing to spend. (none)
        Gasoline prices are noticeable even to our small-car-loving family. Our electric bill has skyrocketed. Everything seems to cost more. Hell, even those tiny little jars of baby food have doubled in price in the four years since my son ate them.

        We had to cut back on our planned charitable giving, and while Santa can still make it to our house, thank goodness, he's going to be on a budget. And we're quite fortunate in that we do well.

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