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  •  How (none)
    How does our so-called Business Class not get this?  Do they honestly think that life will be grand in their castles and moats with everyone on the outside dying of the plague?  We'll drag down their quality of life so fast that it'll give them whiplash.

    "When you starve the beast, you starve the people. And the bathtub was a reference to New Orleans." -- bink

    by bink on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 07:47:36 AM PDT

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    •  Ideological blindness (none)
      How does our so-called Business Class not get this?

      The thinking goes like this: if they open up all free trade barriers and remove all of the taxation for the rich, the genius, self-motivated business people will get hard to work and as a result the global economy will experience an orgasmic growth, with goods flowing freely every which way, quickly equalizing living standards amongst all participants, standards which will then exponentially grow skywards, causing the vast masses to carry the neo-con wizards responsible of this on their arms, cheering, showering them with flowers and adolations, bunnies will dance in the streets, rivers will flow with milk and honey ... you get the idea.

      They figure that the catastrofic downward movement of all middle classes in the industrialized countries is a temporary "shock" which is a necessary pain caused by their medicine and in the long term good for the patient. Things like the length of time required for their scheme to produce the global increase in living standards, the catastrofic side-effects of global concentrarion of wealth, the corporate power superceeding national powers, the impact on the environment, the cultural barriers and million of other issues, which utterly demolish their ideology, are of no concern to them.

      Actually, like with many other kinds of sharatans, they are well aware of all this, but their neo-con religion is really a mere outside camouflage of their true, internal state of thinking: "I will get mine, so fuck you". They need all this "theory" to bamboozle the rubes and, bonus, so that they can appear "wordly" and "principled" at coctail parties, where everyone talks code and practices the art of pretense.

    •  The Drones of the Business Class (4.00)
      Having competed with, worked with, and lived next to these Business Class people my entire life here in NYC, I will tell you why they don't "get it." The vast majority of these people (90%+) are the jocks and cheerleaders of your jr. high and high school classes. They aren't very bright, but they have nice bodies, and are good at team sports, follow direction, don't question the rules, but follow the rules to the "t" because that's how they reproduce the spoiling their mother, relatives, and community showered on them for being perfectly middle of the road nice kids.

      Our society showers these middle- and upper middle class boys and girls with positions at Morgan Stanley, American Express, Bank of America, et al. because they don't question anything, they follow the rules and work within the capitalist system with no curiosity whatsoever to the affect of their work in corporations and financial services on people and the environment.

      All they know is that they have a job, that they are paid well, and they are middle class and and can go out at night and drink their stresses away, just to find an accepting corporation asking them to do it all over again that next day.

      Business Class people are there precisely because they are sheep, lemmings, ants, whatever. They question nothing, want to know nothing, and keep the machinery moving day in and day out. No value judgements, no flack, no moralization.

      This is who the Business Class is, they have mediocre intelligence because they can't see the forest for the trees, and they don't care to.

      OOOOOMMMMM . . . . .

      by MarkosNYC on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 09:14:20 AM PDT

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      •  Oh (none)
        I'm one of those people ...

        And we're just as screwed as everyone else.  I was talking about the executive class, the corporate board members, the business lobbyists and the like.  If you look at the very top of a big bank like Citibank, you'll see that the captains are extraordinary shrewd people -- often, they are not good for the business, but they are very good for themselves.

        Think of Carly Fiorina.  She rode Hewlett-Packard hard and left a carcass at the side of the road.

        But she made millions, tens and tens and tens of millions.

        So I'm not just talking about the corporate drones here.  I'm one of 'em.  I know what we/they are like.  It's often not pretty.  But they are in the same boat as everyone else.

        "When you starve the beast, you starve the people. And the bathtub was a reference to New Orleans." -- bink

        by bink on Thu Oct 13, 2005 at 09:48:36 AM PDT

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      •  So true it made me laugh. (none)
        Because it reminded me of an artist friend who attended my wedding. He had dyed his hair green to match the theme of the Christmas affair. My mom shrugged it off. My dad thought that was a little odd but moved on. But my mom's cousins (more like and aunt and uncle to me) were horrified. I heard from my grandmother that they commented on it repeatedly. I doubt any of their kids would have an artist friend of any sort, and certainly not one so unconventional as to gasp dye his hair green! If they had any idea of some of the activities of my group of friends I think they might actually faint. LOL.

        And their kids are exactly as you describe. I love them, but they go along to get along no matter what direction that might be. One thing, though, I think it's unfair to say they're not very bright. It's more that they've had every bit of inquisitiveness crushed out of them.

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