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    At some point, the people in India and China will realize that they no longer need the disembodied voice coming over the speakerphone, and they'll start 'outsourcing' corporate executives and stockholders by starting their own companies that directly compete with whomever they were recieving outsourced work from.  The US thinks they'll prevent this by intellectual copyright laws, which, historically, haven't even been worth the paper they're printed on.  The US's primary export would still be cotton if US companies obeyed copyright laws in the 1800s, and there is no reason so expect India and/or China to do so when they gather enough capital to start their own companies.

    When this starts happening and the question becomes can the US economy afford American high priced pampered executives, you know they will all of a sudden be whining and moaning how things 'aren't fair'.  

    You hear the same bullshit from the pharmaceutical companies.  Outsourcing, global marketplace, etc etc, rah rah rah, but once the question turns to importing pharmaceuticals from outside the US, all of a sudden everything becomes 'ooh you can't trust the quality of foreign labor' or 'we need to preserve our pharmaceutical production capability in case there is an emergency'.  

    Greedy bastards.

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