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View Diary: Walter Cronkite's Letter to the NYT: An Idea for Dems (281 comments)

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  •  I suspect (4.00)
    that the poster does know the difference but was facetiously suggesting that the DLC agenda is dominating the party's policies, ergo there is no difference. I personally do not agree, I think that with opposition to the war and to Bush's policies growing, the DLC is becoming more marginalized from the Dem mainstream.

    What we always have to keep in mind is that it's the greatest total number of votes that's win (not counting the 2000 pres election!)so we need the DLC, peaceniks, greenies, farmers, cityfolk, workers and intellectual effete liberals to unite around a core set of shared values and vision to offer as an alternative to what the Repugs have given us.

    •  Separate the DNC from the DLC (4.00)
      You are correct, I hang out here way too much to not know about the DLC, but I think the big-money influence of the DLC has led to defeats in just about all of the recent elections.  The past DNC head was congratulating his crew on "all the money they raised" in 2004, while the Dems suffered a humiliating defeat to the Worst President Ever.

      Howard Dean is a breath of fresh air at the DNC, the more he can distance them from the DINOs at the DLC, the better in my opinion.

      DINO dems like Joe Lieberman have hurt the party badly, the "war-monger wing" of the Dems has prevented a clear message on Bush's Iraq disaster.

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