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  •  The ideal and the reality (none)

    Just a word of caution here -- it's best to remember what a messy thing a Democratic Convention can be.

    That's not to say it shouldn't be done. But I did go with Option 3 in the poll: give it plenty of thought and definition first.

    We are still a party with plenty of differences and factions.

    Yes, it's easy for us to tell the world what we are not -- we are not the party of Bush and his cronies, not the party of the right wing fundamentalists, not the party of the Iraq War and the Patriot Act.

    But it is always much, much harder for us to explain what we are, even to each other. And if we gather on a large public stage to thrash this out, we could come away more damaged than when we went in.

    If the public perception -- filtered, remember, through a suspect media prism -- is that Democrats are disorganized, dysfunctional and unfocused, we will have gained nothing and possibly squandered a golden opportunity for picking up huge numbers in 2006.

    Again, I'm not saying a midterm Convention is a bad idea. I'm just urging plenty of planning (yes, even GOP-esque stage-managing) before the fact.

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