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View Diary: Walter Cronkite's Letter to the NYT: An Idea for Dems (281 comments)

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  •  Good to see you here, Mental! (4.00)
    The discussion that's going on here is more exciting to me than the fact that this diary's been on the top of the rec list this morning, which is pretty damn exciting.

    It's why I couldn't fully detach from dKos, even when at a certain point I thought I couldn't take it here any more.

    Keep it going, people!  

    As soon as the poll gets about 2000 votes, I'm going to send my letter to Dean with the results.

    "I'm not interested in that same liberal claptrap. That meow, meow, meow, ironic detachment." -- Stephen Colbert

    by SneakySnu on Fri Oct 14, 2005 at 08:33:24 AM PDT

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    •  You go! Hope it stays up all day and someone (none)
      from the Dem leadership checks it out.

      Thank you Uncle Walter, SneakySnu and Kossacks! This is a win-win; can't see why it can't be done. Do it, Dr. Dean! Do it! Do it! Do it! Please.

      "As you get older, you get less willing to buy the latest version of reality." Leonard Cohen

      by mentaldebris on Fri Oct 14, 2005 at 08:47:51 AM PDT

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