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  •  not the guardian type, (none)
    nor the gardening type of angel, but like, in the los angeles angels of anaheim, california, USA, planet earth, universe market...?  good games all around so far, eh?
    •  Good Games (none)
      But I think the umpire blew the call.  

      I lived in Chicago for a while, but I was a Cubs fan (not a White Sox fan).  I was in attendance at the White Sox game for the now infamous "Disco Sucks" double-header.  After that, the "friendly confines" of Wrigley Field seemed much, much safer.

      •  we wuz robbed! (none)
        i root for the games to go the distance and to extend the season any way it can.  the A's first, then Mariner's, and then Angels...i grew up a dodgers fan because of lefty liberal relatives who wanted to root for jackie rob.  it goes deep, this liberalism...

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