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    I think it's a good thing.

    The things that get talked about a lot more, like this, are the subjects that have been discussed less in cross-pollenated communities.

    The beliefs on both sides are deeply held and calcified.  Takes a long time for the plaque to break off.

    Even in this thread you're seeing a lot of examples of people talking past each other.

    For instance, atheists who think nonatheists are trying to convince them there is a God.  And nonatheists who think atheists are trying to convince them there isn't.

    When actually, I just reread the thread, and I didn't see any of that.  Instead, a lot of people (myself included) who were sharing beefs about the evangelical members of both sides... with people responding who were almost taking it personally, thinking they meant them.

    It's just one of those subjects that is a lot less evolved in community discourse than other subjects.

    The internet equalizes that kind of thing over time.  So it will come up more often.  I venture to say that I think the discussions are moderating over time.

    The abortion discussion is a good example.  It's further along.  At this point all the nuances are kind of old hat.  "I am personally opposed to abortion but I'm pro-choice, just would never have one myself".  It's almost rote.  But earlier on, the arguments would be a lot more likely to stratify into accusations of being either a baby-killer or a fundie.

    So anyway.  I think it's probably a good thing.  Seems redundant in the short term, but it's an evolving community in the long term.

    I'm sure you didn't expect such a long reply.  ;-)

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