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  •  Some assorted musing (none)
    I do not support the government recognition of marriage, period.

    I'm not trying to be funny here, but frankly getting the high rate of divorce, adultery, etc.  Why do we endorse heterosexual marriage at all?  I have no problems with religious have ceremonies acknowledging new relationships rather like coming of age services for children and funerals for the recently department.  But there's something vaguely medieval about the state being involved in that business.

    Isn't a state providing special benefits for stereotypically nuclear families and children uncomfortably like social engineering?

    While I do believe in making sure children are well fed, educated, etc. But frankly I sometimes feel that as a society the overemphasis on children feeds a annoying ageism within the culture.  

    Children are the future, the elderly don't count.  Lay off people in their 40s & 50s and hire the young, etc.  I don't think these are unrelated trends.  

    When the last time you saw a drama on TV with older people as the stars.  etc.

    Just some random musings....

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