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  •  Yes, in fact (none)
    I am prepared to argue that, given that in several European nations the birthrate for children born out of wedlock (your choice of language in calling these children "illegitimate) is quite high and rising and those children and those societies are not falling apart.  People can raise children quite well without being married provided the proper support mechanisms (including a broad social network of people who are role models and teachers/parents/guardians/mentors how are healthy and have strong even loving relationships so that children learn what those are.)  The kibbutizim in Israel in the days they movement was destroyed is another good example of this.

    Most of the time the problem in the single parent families isn't the absence of (most often) fathers but of father's incomes.  

    You can even make a case that the nuclear family unit does damage in that it teaches children exclusivity and the notion that the ONLY people who care for them are their parents, rather than fostering a healthier vision of community life and community membership interdependence.  One could make a case that the nuclear family is not only potentially bad for kids (turns them into their parents property) but even for democracy.


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