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  •  It IS about Religion (none)
    Of course we are talking about two different things.  Two different things that happen to have the same name: "marriage" and that have roots and ties and links and overlaps that many people can not get beyond.  See, for example this.

    Many people have religious beliefs about marriage and those beliefs extend into civil marriage.  You may argue that they should not, or that those beliefs should not matter in how the law is made or interpreted.  But they do and it does.

    Simply calling what the state does and recognizes something other than "marriage" removes some of the religious baggage and makes it easier to deal with other issues.  Mind you, I do not expect that to happen -- the state will stay in the "marriage" business for the foreseeable future.

    The problem with:

    You may have religious objections, but take those to your churches, synagogues, mosques or whatever other house of worship and group you worship with.  Keep the sacramental aspects of marriage out of debates about civil marriage!
    is that it is not going to happen.  The people you are referring to are going to fight this tooth and nail.

    Dump Delay and Bush - UnDelay and UnBush America.

    by i dunno on Sat Feb 14, 2004 at 09:44:44 AM PST

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