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  •  I don't know what to think actually (none)
    I do think if it passes we have didged a bullet for the short term, passing is a far better result than if it failed.

    I think there are 2 basic security issues (which prevent reconstruction) going on in Iraq.

    1. Foreign Jihadists who make up a small % of the insurgency, but who pose a long term threat of converting nationalists. these could be defeated by Iraqis

    2. The far more serious problem is the sectarian insugency fractured along ethnic and religious lines - and spurred by our presence.

    I think our withdrawal at least from the major urban areas would quell some of this violence and remove one of the obstacles towards a peaceful solution.

    the other issue is how do you divide the geography, political and financial power in such a way as to make everyone happy ?

    I don't know, right now i sense that a number of groups arent interested in that, but rather each want it all. Until some step up and argue for some sharing - Iraq is doomed.

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