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View Diary: Gore May Say No, but should we let him? (15 comments)

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  •  If Al doesn't run,..... (none)
    I think the Republicans might win in 2008, probably with McCain or George Allen as their nominee.

    We should definitely put all our energy into trying to persuade Gore to run.  Draft him!!!

    Which other Dem can win?

    They'd have to win at least one red state and hold all the 2000 blue states plus New Hampshire, which has hopefully swung into the blue state column now.

    Now, I ask you,

    which Dem can win a red state and hold all the 2000 blue states and New Hampshire?

    Hillary?  I doubt it.

    Clark?  He showed no strength in the South, and his Iraq war positions have shifted a lot, and he's not a true politician--has never held elective office.

    Kerry?  He blew the 2004 election, after holding a clear lead.  He's not a great public speaker, and a lot of red state people hate him (they hate Hillary too).

    That leaves us with our second-string, our bench:

    Feingold?  Not married.  On the liberal wing.  Barely won re-election in Wisconsin.  Say no more.

    Joementum?  Forgettaboutit.

    Edwards: His performance in the primaries was very good, but in the general election, he tanked, and lost a lot of people's sympathy.  Could he win a red state?  Because he's from the South, he might be the one of the best contenders of all of our bench candidates to win a red state, and I think he would hold all the blue states.  So maybe Edwards is a fairly strong backup choice.  But I doubt if Edwards would win any red states.

    VA Gov. Mark Warner: Personally, he's my favorite of all the second-stringers (Gore is my favorite of the first-stringers).  Warner can win one red state (at least), and that's Virginia.  I can't think of any other Dem who can win a red state, except Gore, who I think could win Ohio or Florida, maybe Arkansas & Missouri.  And Warner could win all the blue states too.  So Warner is my top choice if Gore is not the Dem nominee.

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