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View Diary: Prisoner Denied Abortion Rights by Clarence Thomas (112 comments)

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  •  well (none)
    doesn't that make armando a troll then?

    ok... ok... just kidding.  not about the asshole part, but the other part.

    •  Heh - and yet not at all. (4.00)
      Armando responds to people's comments individually and on occasion modifies his arguments in response to new evidence or arguments.  He respects his opponents enough to engage with them seriously.  Jiacinto says the same damned thing over and over and never changes a bit, condescending to all those around him all the while.
      •  well (none)
        i would actually qualify that to say that armando sometimes does that.  other times he just calls you names because he lacks an argument and then claims that it was somehow your fault.
        •  some feel that way. (none)
          I'd take Armando over Jiacinto any day.  Partly that's 'cause I agree with the former most of the time and the latter almost never.  But it's also because Armando will call you an asshole or a moron, but Jiacinto will be like "what you fringe left types [ie people who believe that, like, reproductive freedom is a nice idea that should be stood up for occasionally] don't understand is that you're killing the Democratic party."  Which to me is a ;ot more offensive.
          •  or just 1 rate (old skool troll rate) (none)
            and say nothing

            He gives no reason to nobody for any old skool troll rate.

            He's a troll plain and simple.  All he's done lately is troll rate and keep his mouth shut.   If you're gonna be an ass and troll rate a post that contains nothing close to deserving of a troll better stake a claim to your rating with words.   Trollrate and speak up or get the fuck outta dodge trolls.

            I rest my case.

            George W. Bush, Resign NOW.

            by tlh lib on Sat Oct 15, 2005 at 11:45:17 PM PDT

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