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  •  Leak not Libby? (none)

    Reading through the Judy Miller NYT coverage a couple of things are very clear:

    • Judy Miller is not a journalist, she is not even a white house advocate, she was acting as a white house operative.

    • The NYT does not have the editorial controls in place control employees which are advocates or operatives from some other organization

    What is not clear is that the information on Valerie Plame came from Libby. In the rush to judgement alternative explanations, which need to be disproved, have been overlooked.

    First, a couple of points about the Miller article.

    • It is not about what happened between Miller and Libby, it is about her Grand Jury Testimony. This is not an account of the events surrounding the leak.

    • All references to Libby that would identify him as the source of the Plame leak are qualified, with comments such as "my notes indicate", not as a direct statement from Miller. What is the point of a journalist taking notes, if they cannot refer back to them to clarify their memory of events? A possible explanation is that it is a means to avoid lying to a Grand Jury in case your version of events are ever disproved.

    • The "Valerie Flame" notation is seperate from her Libby notes.

    • Miller had the release to testify from Libby early on. Libby had noted that he was exonerated by 5 other reporters and may have expected to be exonerated again.

    Consider this as an alternative explanation. Perhaps Libby is not the source, perhaps it is someone else in the office of the vice president, perhaps even higher. Maybe we have reached the Haldeman moment, where the Chief of Staff takes the fall to protect the presidency. It is possible that a Miller, visiting, the VP's Chief of Staff in the Old Executive Office Building, also met with someone else, maybe just in passing, who provided the Valerie Plame detail, that Libby had not. This could explain why the "Valerie Flame" note is not included in the Libby notes. It could also explain why the first release to testify was not acceptable, perhaps it wasn't from the source. Perhaps the recent decision was not a second release to testify, but a decision that Libby would do a Haldeman.

    An empty limosine pulled up and George W. Bush got out.

    by beerm on Sun Oct 16, 2005 at 07:04:07 AM PDT

    •  The Flame note (none)
      Is supposedly in another part of her notes, next to the ones that got shredded. Or she had an agreement with Rove to NEVER write his name down.
    •  Libby's motivation was (4.00)
      to protect Cheney.

      Why is nobody investigating what Judy wanted to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after the Aspen Conference in August 2003? Why was Libby in Jackson Hole, at the same time? What did both had in mind doing there? Wouldn't it make sense that they "had a private meeting with Cheney"? Are there no documents that show the schedule of Libby and Cheney during August 2003? Are there no receipts at the NYT for Judy's trip to Aspen Colorado and her tour to Jackson Hole? Could it be they all just "happened to vacation there together?" If they did vacation there, no way to found out where they spent the nights? Whom they called? Have they been all meeting at an "undisclosed location"?

      I guess they haven't finished the investigation yet, do they?

      •  The investigation isn't finished (none)

        Why do the Aspens turn at the same time? Because the roots are interconnected.

        We are supposed to believe that in an administration which is focused on staying on message, that punishes unauthorized leaks, the Chiefs of Staff are suddenly in this instance acting totally on their own.

        An empty limosine pulled up and George W. Bush got out.

        by beerm on Sun Oct 16, 2005 at 04:36:38 PM PDT

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