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  •  The Politicizing of Criminality (4.00)
    Chicken Hawk fascists and Aryan Harpies are birds of a feather and the flock together.
    Men of integrity like McCain and Specter... excuse me but HA! They sold out years ago. There's some serious mea culpin we need from thse two!
    •  You got it (none)
      You got it man. It is "Criminalization of Politics" alright! All the criminals in the White House who should be in jail or somewhere in Mexico are in Politics thereby making it "Politics As Practiced By Criminals". Bill Kristol & Co. is right on the money.
    •  They can mea culpa their asses (none)
      right out of political life.  That's one way to begin apologizing and repaying their debt to society.

      Let me get them started.  "I finally understand that, due to my actions in either committing criminal acts or supporting those who commited those acts over the past XX years, that I am unfit to hold public office."  Take it from there, boys.

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