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  •  We should (none)
    e-mail this poster to Bill Kristol, Tim Russert,
    and Judith Miller.

    "Are you trying to play Darwin to the lemurs in your head?"

    •  They're kind of right (none)
      about the burning of a CIA agent not being quite as big a deal as people are claiming. But they can't say why they're right: they're right because the extra seriousness is contrived by taking the Republican line at its face value, that America is at war with a dangerous enemy. Since they know, and they know everyone else knows, that the "war" is a fake, they know that destroying intelligence assets is not such a big deal at this time. But they can't say that!

      It's like how they strolled into Iraq without any of the precautions you would take if you actually thought the enemy had Weapons of Mass Destruction. They could shrug off accusations of recklessness, but they couldn't admit why they could.

      •  so wrong (4.00)
        Okay, I so completely disagree with this. There is indeed a threat from WMDs in this world at this time. It just ain't in Iraq. To threaten the existence of a CIA WMD-investigation unit is far from trivial and destroying intelligence assets is a HUGE deal.
      •  Also can't admit that the "hunt" for (none)
        weapons of mass destruction was simply a strategy to get the UN and IAEA inspectors out of the way so the US could introduce its missile batteries and nuclear warheads without being noticed.

        Until Iraq was "certified" clean and no longer in need of investigation and an inspections regime, the U.S. couldn't bring its weapons in.

        3-D Republicans=deception, disservice and debt

        by hannah on Mon Oct 17, 2005 at 06:34:35 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  WRONG (4.00)
        Are you putting your head in the sand about all those lose tactical nukes left over from the disintegration of the Soviet Union???  

        Tracking down nukes and other WMD is some of the most sensitive intelligence activity our country has today.  It only takes one little football to leave central DC (or Houston or LA) a barren radioactive ash field that cannot be entered for thousands of years.

        Valerie Plame was not your basic, embassy cover "diplomat", she was under deep cover which is not built easily.  And she wasn't the only one burned: her whole organization, and agents and contacts were burned too, in this little inside the Beltway political hit.

        We are in a quiet war, but a real and very deadly one, against all the crazies who want to toast one of our cities.  I'm not in favor of the death penalty, but they should throw the people who did this in a deep dark dungeon and throw away the key.

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