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  •  Strauss and Dominionism (none)
    These people believe that the end justifies the means.  Strauss, called the father of neoconservatism, was A Jew who fled Nazi Germany but would have just fit in the Third Reich if he had not been a Jew.  He believed that it was neccessay for the elite to lie to the governed, that the elite were above the laws, that a state religion was needed to control the masses which the elite only need be paid lip-serivce to, that liberal secularists should be suppressed, that Machevelli was evil and should be followed and a number of other rules the elite should follow.  Wolfowitz got his doctorate from Strauss and this is the political philosophy of the Neocons.

    The Religious Right gets to the same end by following selected verses of the Old Testament, particularly Leviticus.  The only part of the New Testament that enters their frame of reference is Revelations.  The rich are rich because God favors them, the poor are poor because they are evil.  They are doing God's work so they are above temporal ethics and laws.  And God will take them up to heaven in the Rapture when Armegedden occurs.  They also dovetail with the Neocons on their pro-Israel stance; for the Rapture to occur, Israel must own/control the lands and the people occupying the lands and people that God promised the Jews in the Old Testatment.

    Sorry, i don't have any links since I do not know how to create them but if you want them I could dig up some cites.

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