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  •  Might as well negotiate with Osama (none)
    Aravosis gets it exactly right- and Dr. Dean and the Party need pay attention: this is THE talking point! Nobody purporting to represent the Democratic Party, or the Left in general, must sit and listen to repugs or media hacks spewing this "criminalization of politics" bullshit without IMMEDIATELY responding in outrage! The depth of depravity that led to the Plame outing, and that now leads to attempts to trivialize its importance, literally cannot be overstated. If we are going to allow such behavior to pass as "politics as usual", we might as well invite Osama bin Laden to the White House for negotiations, because we are going to LOSE the war on terror. This is not just cannibalism, it's eating our own!

    Presumably, if he brings the types of charges we all expect, Fitzgerald will make very clear just how important an agent Plame was, and just how much our national security was damaged by her exposure. Even so, we must be monomaniacal in opposing this new repug talking point- we cannot expect them to understand, because they live in a world where everything is spin, and nothing has real world consequences, but the media must once again be awakened from its usual he said/she said torpor, and the general public is certainly capable of clueing in. Much more than politics is at stake.

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