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    To me, there is a key difference between Dubya and both his father and Nixon.

    Both Nixon and George H.W. Bush rose to the Presidency after long service involved in the foreign policy of this nation.  I didn't particularly like either one, but there's no debate that both were skillful and knowledgeable about foreign policy.  And that both had gain this skill and knowledge "the old fashioned" way ... they earned it.

    Dubya's foreign policy experience consisted of running a baseball team (which had some foreign born players) and from illegally executing citizens fo foreign countries without contacting their consulates while he was governor of Texas.

    Remember back when he was asked to identify the leaders of four foreign governments.  One of those he missed was General Mustarraf (sic) of Pakistan.  Gee, Pakistan didnt' turn out to be important during Dubya's presidency, did it?

    Remember back when we were being told that we didn't need to be worried about Dubya's lack of foreign policy experience because he'd be surrounded by wise advisors like Colin Powell?

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