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  •  fitzgerald, gonzales, perception management (none)
    hopeful, CoBear, aztec,

    Thanks for replies...
    Been updating the screen every 30 seconds to see what Fitzgerald digs up-- but that line about Gonzales bout made me spill coffee on the laptop.  Could Gonzales defang any of this stuff?  This administration is so hellbent on perception managment; they punish underlings-- soldiers who followed orders at Abu Ghraib, as opposed to Gonzales and Rumsfeld, who cleared the way and ordered the torture...

    So are Cheny/Rove/Libby really afraid of legal jeapordy in light of Plame?  Will Gonzales pull a partisan move and not rat out Bushco?  Gonzales DID draft the torture clause....

    My instincts tell me that these guys are in real trouble.  You don't mess with Fitzgerald.  Then again, I also like to cross every "T".

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