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  •  misremembering = malfeaseance (none)
    Karl Rove has a constitutional duty, UNDER PENALTY OF CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, to remember ALL conversations he has regarding classified materials, especially where the conversation was with a person who does not have security clearance

    Karl Rove ain't some idiot off the street. Karl Rove has attended seminars and classes in conjunction with his security waiver

    the importance of protecting classified materials has been spelled out to Karl Rove in so many words

    Karl has been schooled in the protocols for handling classified materials, and rule number 1 is that you NEVER mis-remember ANYTHING about classified materials. You either commit a crime or you don't. There isn't any leeway in this

    Karl Rove had a legal obligation to report and remember the conversations he has where classified materials are disclosed

    if you signed SF-312, claiming you "mis-remembered" is pleading guilty to the charges at hand

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