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  •  Which would be discovered by (none)
    the random audits executed on 1% of all systems, regardless of closeness of election, to verify agreement between the paper and digital votes.

    These problems have been considered and solved.  Years ago.

    •  Yea but... (none)
      A lot of states will not have a paper trail this election cycle.

      California will not have printers until 2005 so your argument does not hold water here or in other non-printer states.

      In regards to machine verification - who would do the verification? That is an issue.

      And sorry for being so skeptical but the computers could be programed to do one thing during the voting period and then revert to 'normal' behavior at the close of the polls.

      Hell I can do that with javascript on a web page, so you can bet it can be done with a computer and would be very hard if not impossible to discover.

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